North Denver Pediatrician Shares Six Tips for Soothing a Crying Baby

Great Ways to Create Calm and Quiet
After you have tended to your baby’s hunger and changed their diaper if needed, here are six time-tested tips for soothing a fussy infant:

1) Swaddle them. Babies spend nine months in the friendly confines of the womb. Wrapping them snugly (though not tightly) with their arms at their sides mimics that warm, cozy environment and can help them relax and sleep.
2) Create some white noise. With the sound of mom’s biological processes all around, the womb is a very noisy place. Repeating “shhhh” in a baby’s ear loudly enough that they can hear it over their own crying can be very calming and reassuring to them. Other white noise like that made by a vacuum, a clothes dryer or a device or app designed for that purpose works as well.
3) Change positions. Parents tend to cradle a baby in their arms in a face-up position. If a baby has discomfort from gas, you may be able to relieve their belly pain by holding them face down instead, with your hand under their stomach and their head resting on your forearm.
4) Get moving. The sensation of motion comforts babies. Whether it’s in a baby swing, a stroller, or a car seat, or simply in mom or dad’s arms, movement can help soothe a crying baby.
5) Provide a pacifier. A baby’s need to suck is deeply ingrained. If it’s not time to feed, giving a baby a pacifier (or a clean finger if no pacifier is available) meets that need and gives them something to focus on other than what’s bothering them.
6) Remove them from a stimulating environment. Stimulation from sights, sounds and smells help a baby learn about their new world. However, they can reach a point where they’ve had enough and want to be in a less stimulating setting. Giving them that mental and emotional break can help them calm down.

Variety is the Spice of Life
Some babies have a “go to” soothing method that works every time. Others quickly tire of a particular approach. So, keep in mind that if the method that worked yesterday won’t work today, that doesn’t necessarily indicate that something more serious is wrong. It may just mean that you need to try another option from the list above. Ultimately, you may find yourself cycling through the many methods as your baby’s wants, needs and temperament change over time.

It is important to have your baby routinely seen by a doctor and at Mountainland we offer a variety of different services to fit your family’s needs. Including our First Year Club, a special group for famillies with newborns.

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