Our financial contract is with you, not with your insurance company. If there are any unpaid amounts you will be sent a statement to inform you of your account status. There are several reasons why you may be receiving a statement, even with insurance. Some of the most common are:

  • Insurance has denied the claim.
  • Insurance has applied the claim to a deductible.
  • Insurance has not received a copy of your claim, usually due to incomplete/invalid information.
  • Insurance has not responded to the claim within the time frame specified by state law.
  • Accurate insurance information has not been provided.
  • We have received a response from your primary insurance and are in the process of billing your secondary insurance or your insurance company may need information from you regarding coordination of benefits.
  • Insurance has processed the claim and left a higher co-pay or co-insurance amount than what was paid at the time of service.

Please call the Mountainland Pediatrics Billing Office at (303) 853-3440 if there is any part of your bill that you do not understand.