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What are co-pays and when are they due?
What is co-insurance and when is this payment due?
What are deductibles and when are they due?
Why am I getting a bill when I have insurance and/or Medicaid?
Why do you need my insurance card at every visit?
Did you receive my payment/how do I know if you have received my payment?
Can you bill my ex-spouse for this?
When should I add my newborn to my policy?
How do I know when my insurance has responded to a claim?
Why do you charge what you charge for services?
How much do you charge for office visits and/or other services?
What if my insurance denies a service as non-covered?
What if my insurance denies a service as inclusive?
Can you change how you billed my child's visit so my insurance will pay the claim?
Can I still be seen if I don't have insurance?
How do I know what services are covered under my insurance plan?
What can I do if I don't agree with how insurance processed my claim?